Sports Performance Park offers a variety of pitching cages, training cages, and pitching mounds for both Baseball and Softball.

We also have an Infield and the Mini PAC that can be rented for team practices or larger functions such as clinics. Call 716-565-2096 for additional information and pricing on these spaces.

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Sports Performance Park has partnered with Independent Health and BlueCross BlueShield to accept their health benefits cards. Independent Health's Health Extras card and BlueCross BlueShield's Wellness card can be used for pitching mound rentals, batting cage rentals, camps & clinics, and even memberships.

Check out our state of the art HitTrax hitting simulator and see what everyone is talking about! With real time analysis like exit velocity and in depth reports.

Facility Rules Please refer to our facility rules to ensure a fun and safe time at Sports Performance Park.

Description Cage No. Approximate Speed
Baseball Cage 1 70 mph
Baseball Cage 2 70 mph
Baseball Cage 3 50 mph
Baseball Cage 4 50 mph
Softball Cage 5 50 mph
Softball Cage 6 Handfed
Softball Cage 7 45 mph
Softball Cage 8 Handfed
Baseball Little Tykes 9 40 mph
Baseball Mounds 1&2
Softball Mounds 1
HitTrax Simulation System
Infield 100'x100'
Mini PAC Includes the Following:
Field 60'x60'
Training Cages 1,2&10 No Pitching Machine

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Cage/Mound Pricing

*tax is NOT included in any pricing

$20 30 mins. Baseball/Softball Cage

$35 60 mins. Baseball/Softball Cage

$15 30 mins. Baseball/Softball Mound

$25 60 mins. Baseball/Softball Mound

Additional Pricing

*tax is NOT included in any pricing

$20 30 mins. Training Cage

$35 60 mins. Training Cage

Call 60 mins. Infield

Call 60 mins. Mini PAC

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