Sports Performance Park offers a variety of pitching cages, training cages, and pitching mounds for both Baseball and Softball.

We also have an Infield and the Mini PAC that can be rented for team practices or larger functions such as clinics. Call 716-565-2096 for additional information and pricing on these spaces.

Don’t forget to check in with the store front when you arrive for your reservation!

Description Cage No. Approximate Speed
Baseball Cage 1 70 mph
Baseball Cage 2 70 mph
Baseball Cage 3 50 mph
Baseball Cage 4 50 mph
Softball Cage 5 50 mph
Softball Cage 6 Handfed
Softball Cage 7 45 mph
Softball Cage 8 Handfed
Rental Cage 1 30 mph
Training Cage 1 No Pitching Machine
Baseball Mounds 1&2
Softball Mounds 1&2
Infield 100'x100'
Mini PAC
Field 60'x60'
Small Pitching Mounds 1&2
Training cages 2&3 No Pitching Machine

Cage/Mound Pricing

(Pricing Includes Tax)

$20 30 mins. Baseball/Softball Cage

$35 60 mins. Baseball/Softball Cage

$15 30 mins. Baseball/Softball Mound

$25 60 mins. Baseball/Softball Mound

Training Pricing

(Pricing Includes Tax)

$20 30 mins. Training Cage

$35 60 mins. Training Cage

Call 60 mins. Infield

Call 60 mins. Mini PAC

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